Frequently Asked Questions

How do you count rainouts? defines a series as consecutive games played against the same opponent at the same venue. Therefore, a rainout is considered a part of the series when the game is made up. The rainout is not rolled back to the original series. For example, if the Red Sox beat the Yankees in the first 2 games of a 3-game series and the third game is rained out, the Red Sox would get credit for a 2-game sweep.

How do you handle home and home series? treats each home portion of a home and home series as a separate and distinct series. For example, the Yankees and Mets play a home and home series with two games at Yankees Stadium followed by two games at Citi Field. If the Yankees win all four games, they will get credit for 2 consecutive 2-game sweeps, NOT a 4-game sweep.

How do you account for changes to a team’s name? treats all iterations of a team’s name as the same team. For example, the Washington Nationals sweep data includes all sweeps when the team was the Montreal Expos.

How often do you update the site during the season?
Currently, the site is updated throughout the season every other week. Occasionally, I will update it weekly. After each update, I post an update on Twitter and Facebook. Throughout the season, I will also post periodic real-time sweep alerts on Twitter and Facebook

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Sweep Data current through series ended April 7th, 2024.